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Square Manhole Cover&Frame

Catalog NumberA-Cover SizeB-Clear OpeningC-Frame SizeD-Frame HeightE-Duty ClassF-Lockable
square ductile iron manhole cover1000*1000920*9201100*1100120D400no
All dimensions in mm.

Main business: hydraulic access cover, power manhole cover cover, electric manhole cover cover, intelligent monitoring manhole cover cover, intelligent communication manhole cover cover, intelligent water manhole cover cover, intelligent password lock manhole cover cover, integrated pipe gallery manhole cover cover, etc. It is a strategic partner of famous enterprises such as Huawei, China-telecom, Unicom, Zhongshan Dahua, CSCEC, CCCC, China Railway, Xi'an electric power, and the only supplier of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge.Our products are exported to 32 countries and regions, Italy, Spain, UK, Malaysia, Middle east, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia,Africa, etc,175 cities around the world.

Founded 1993, Cast-King Foundry was a industry leader in exporting square ductile iron manhole cover to every continent of this earth, Just purchase directly at good price from manufacturing factory as reliable supplier, save the money usually earned by a trading company.

OEM & OED is available, look forward to having you as your agent in your local market.

We would push you to great success in municipal construction and infrascture project.

Look forward to being partner with those who are engaged in whole sale business for building material, any customized high quality mechanical and industrial casting are prvovided by us as manhole cover.

More Details


Ductile manhole cover


Ductile iron GGG50/7, gray iron






Round, square, rectangle


200mm-1200mm or as per customers’   drawing


Bituminous black


DISA Line, Hand Modelling


Drawing-mould making-raw   casting-sand blasting-rough machining-surface treatment-product inspection

Advanced technology and equipments

Tensile strength: 500Mpa Yield stress: 320Mpa
  Elongation rate: 7%
  Hardness: HBS170-230

Load capacity

B125 C250 D400 E600 F900


Machining:+/-0.02mm, finish   machining:0.002mm


Footway, pedestrians, car parks,   aircraft pavements


Longevity corrosion resistance,   excellent anti-pressure

In 1962, Denmark's forsund first used computer to simulate the solidification process of castings. Since then, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, France and other countries have carried out research in this field. Since the end of 1970s, Dalian University of technology and Shenyang Foundry Research Institute took the lead in the research of this technology in China, and published research reports in 1980 respectively (Guo Keren et al., digital analogy of solidification process of large castings, Journal of Dalian Institute of technology, 1980 (2) 1-16; Shenyang Foundry Research Institute, electronic computer analogy of solidification heat field of castings, foundry, 1980 (1) 14-22. Since then, a large amount of manpower has been invested in the research.

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Any Customized Model is available from us

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