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Round Manhole Cover&Frame

Catalog NumberA-Cover SizeB-Clear OpeningC-Frame SizeD-Frame HeightE-Duty ClassF-Lockable
vented cast iron manhole cover64960178080C250yes
All dimensions in mm.

Main business: hydraulic access cover, power manhole cover cover, electric manhole cover intelligent monitoring manhole cover cover, intelligent communication manhole cover cover, intelligent water manhole cover cover, intelligent password lock manhole cover, integrated pipe gallery manhole cover cover, etc. It is a strategic partner of famous enterprises such as Huawei, China-telecom, Unicom, Zhongshan Dahua, CSCEC, CCCC, China Railway, Xi'an electric power, and the only supplier of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge.Our products are exported to 32 countries and regions, Italy, Spain, UK, Malaysia, Middle east, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia,Africa, etc,175 cities around the world.

Founded 1993, Cast-King Foundry was a industry leader in exporting vented cast iron manhole cover with lock to many countries, Just purchase directly at good price from manufacturing factory as reliable supplier, save the money usually earned by a trading company.

OEM & OED is available, look forward to having you as your agent in your local market.

We would push you to great success in municipal construction and infrascture project.

Look forward to being partner with those who are engaged in whole sale business for building material, any customized high quality mechanical and industrial casting are prvovided by us as manhole cover.

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Ductile cast iron, grey   cast iron, steel




Sand casting, Shell core   casting


Sewer,   Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage, drainage, water,   stormwater, fire protection & etc.

Casting   Tolerance Min.


Machining   Tolerance Min.


Surface   Treatment

Black Bitumen, Spraying   Painting, galvanization,

Unit   weight



Sewer,   Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage, drainage, water, storm water,   fire protection & etc.

Technical   Support

experienced   design team


EN124, AS3996, ISO,   ASTM,JIS, ANSI, DIN, BS,




Single   Seal, Double Seal, Bolt Hinge, Removable Hinge, Lock Device, Spring Bar,   Auto-locking Device, Safety-Design, Solid, Vent Cover, Lifting Key Hole,   Rubber/PE Gasket, GRP Plate, Cut-Corner Design, single seal, double seal,   hinge type, ventilated, watertight, airtight, and anti-theft & etc.

 EN124 ductile cast iron manhole cover

1. High load strength
Less noise and lower vibration transmissions.
2. Against theft,noise and rust.
3. Durable life.
4. Free design

5.OEM is available
Class A15 Area which can only be used by pedestrians and pedal cyclists
Class B125 Folkways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or parking decks
Class C250 For gratings installed in the area of kerbside channels of roads which, when measured from the Serb edge, extend maximum 0.5 m into the carriageway and maximum 0.2 m into the foot way
Class D400 Arrive ways of roads (pedestrian streets included), hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicles
Class E600 Areas subject to high axle loads such as docks and airports
Class F900 Areas subject to very high axle loads such as airports

Induction furnace is a furnace that uses current induction to generate heat to heat and melt iron. The structure of the furnace can be divided into two types: Cored type (Figure 2) and coreless type. In coreless induction furnace, the iron in the crucible generates induction current under the action of alternating magnetic field, and thus generates heat, which melts itself and heats the molten iron process. In the cored induction furnace, the molten iron melted by other furnaces (such as cupola) needs to be added, and the alternating magnetic field generated in the ring-shaped iron core makes the molten iron process in the groove, and uses the circulating action of the molten iron in the groove and the molten iron in the upper molten pool to heat all the molten iron. The coreless induction furnace has the ability to melt the solid charge, while the cored induction furnace can only overheat the molten iron, but in the electric energy consumption of the overheated iron, the cored induction furnace is more economical.

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Any Customized Model is available from us

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