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Round Manhole Cover&Frame

Catalog NumberA-Cover SizeB-Clear OpeningC-Frame SizeD-Frame HeightE-Duty ClassF-Lockable
medium duty cast iron manhole cover649601780100C250yes
All dimensions in mm.

For almost 30 years,  Cast-King has been dedicating itself to fulfilling what our clients need…quality castings, efficient communication and willingness to build long term partnership. This attitude has been the key in building decade’s old relationships as well as developing new relationships that would last for many years. While longevity may represent complacency for the cooperation, at Cast-King it translates into casting innovation with vast in-house experience from a financially stable company that places its customers’ needs first.

Founded 1993, Cast-King Foundry was a industry leader in exporting medium duty cast iron manhole cover to every continent of the eart, Just purchase directly at good price from manufacturing factory as reliable supplier, save the money usually earned by a trading company

Our main market includ Italy, Spain, UK, Malaysia, Middle east, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia,Africa, etc.

OEM & OED is available, look forward to having you as your agent in your local market.

We would push you to great success in municipal construction and infrascture project.

Look forward to being partner with those who are engaged in whole sale business for building material, any customized high quality mechanical and industrial casting are prvovided by us as well.



Ductile   cast iron, grey cast iron,




Sand   casting, Shell core casting


Sewer, Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage,   drainage, water, stormwater, fire protection & etc.

Casting Tolerance   Min.


Machining Tolerance  


Surface Treatment

Painting,   Powder coating, spraying, galvanization, chrome plating

Unit weight



Sewer, Electronic, Sanitary, telecommunications, sewage,   drainage, water, stormwater, fire protection & etc.

Technical Support

Owning experienced designing team






Single Seal, Double Seal, Bolt Hinge, Removable Hinge, Lock   Device, Spring Bar, Auto-locking Device, Safety-Design, Solid, Vent Cover,   Lifting Key Hole, Rubber/PE Gasket, GRP Plate, Cut-Corner Design, single   seal, double seal, hinge type, ventilated, watertight, airtight, and   anti-theft & etc.

Ductile iron castings have been applied in almost all major industrial sectors, which require high strength, plasticity, toughness, wear resistance, severe thermal and mechanical impact resistance, high or low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. In order to meet these changes of service conditions, there are many grades of nodular cast iron, providing a wide range of mechanical and physical properties.

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Any Customized Model is available from us

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